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Coming to LIMSI

Université Paris Sud
91403 ORSAY
Bâtiment (building) 508

Secretariat: 01 69 85 80 80
C. d'Alessandro: 01 69 85 81 13
L. Pointal: 01 69 85 81 06
A. Rilliard: 01 69 85 81 02
C. Jacquemin: 01 69 85 81 01

LIMSI is located in the city of Orsay, the place of Université Paris Sud, one of the largest University campus in france, about twenty kilometers in the south of Paris.

To come to LIMSI from Paris you have to take the local train RER B. It is the regional railway going from north to south, you will find it in bold blue on the transport maps. Take the direction "Robinson - St Remy Les Chevreuse" and stop at station "Le Guichet". Take care to check the train station stops: from Paris, only about one train over three will stop at "Le Guichet". The stops of each train are clearly indicated in the stations on screens.

In summer, every train labelled to go to "St Remy les Chevreuse" should stop at "Le Guichet". During daytime, trains are scheduled every 15-20 minutes. Travel time from "Cité Universitaire" (station near CIUP) to "Le guichet" is about 20~25 minutes.

When you reach "Le Guichet" station, three solutions:

  • You can walk, or more exactly climb, to LIMSI from Station Le Guichet. It will be a healthy promenade of about 15 to 20 minutes. LIMSI is situated on the plateau and Le Guichet on the hillside. See the map above. See in this page the way from "Le Guichet" station to LIMSI with photos.
  • A bus ligne 269-02 (bus timetable from "Gare du Guichet - Orsay" to "De Broglie - Orsay") will take you to the LIMSI, near the "de Broglie" stop (every 20 minutes the bus is on the car park, after the bar). Please check for bus timetable: only a reduced service will be available in august. Bus price is included in the Navigo pass with Carte Orange - see information above.
  • By car:
    • Via the South Motorway (entrance at "Porte d'Orléans" or "Porte d'Italie", on the "périphérique", you follow direction "Chartres-Orléans", until the exit "Versailles". Then follow the "Saclay" direction, and "Orsay". Cross the "F118" road, and at the traffic circle, follow the "Faculté des Sciences" direction, then the red signs "508" (number of the LIMSI's building).
    • Starting from the "Pont de Sèvres" by the "F118" road, follow the direction "Chartres-Orléans". Take the exit "Centre Universitaire" (just after the exit "Saclay")and at the traffic circle, follow the direction "faculté des Sciences", then the red signs "508" (number of the LIMSI's building).

Map to go from Le Guichet to LIMSI

Path from Le Guichet station to LIMSI, an alternative path throught the woods is indicated with small square dots.

Bus 269-02 timetable extract

"le Guichet" RER stationDe Broglie / Faculté (LIMSI)

Coming back to Paris

Every RER B that stops at "Le Guichet" stops at every station in Paris - just take care to choose the right direction: Paris / "Aeroport CDG - Mitry".

Bus 269-02 timetable extract

De Broglie / Faculté (LIMSI)"le Guichet" RER station

Transport Pass in Paris area

For local transports, you can buy a ticket or a sets of ten tickets (cheaper) to the station "Le Guichet". However we encourage you to use a less expensive solution on a weekly or monthly basis. You can buy a "Passe Navigo" and a zones 1-5 weekly or monthly "Carte Orange" from RATP. These pass allow you to use all public transports (buses, underground, railway, RER, tramway) in Paris and Paris area, night and days — week-end included.

You will then have to buy a "Pass Navigo Decouverte" (an RFID card), which you will be able to keep as long as you want, and recharge it when needed. It is delivered instantly and will cost 5€, you will also have to give a photograph for the card. And keep your ID for controls Just hover your card on the violet target when you enter the station.

Transport Costs

Note: transport costs will be increased by 1.8% on july 1st.

Pass price is based on the number of "zones" you go through when you travel from Paris to LIMSI. Paris is in zone 1 and LIMSI (stop "Le Guichet") is in zone 5. You will then have to buy a pass for zones 1 to 5.

On week pass is 32.10€. The only additional ticket you should buy is a ticket to go to and from the airports, as they have special fees which are not included in the pass.

On month "Pass Navigo Carte Orange" from Paris to LIMSI costs 105.2€. It is economically better than weekly pass if you choose to stay more than 3 weeks.

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